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There's one word that comes up time and again when people speak of Bali, magic.. It’s a magic that`s stitched into the everyday fabric of Balinese lives. It's rooted in the ancient, and vibrantly alive in the present. It awakens all who are open to it, reminding them of what really matters. Inspired by just experiencing Bali, the Balinese and the positive stories of interactions between some of the expat community with Balinese culture……the film celebrates the Balinese philosophical concept of Tri Hita Karana "harmony between the divine, mankind and nature" Bali : life is an offering explores the profound natural beauty, graceful people and age-old spiritual traditions found on the Island of the Gods.

Produced by an award-winning international team, the flow and themes in the film constantly evolved through the cross-cultural collaborations that are constantly happening on the island. From the director of multi award winning documentary WhaleDreamers , Kim Kindersley, co written and narrated by Cok Sawitri, with a rich lyrical music score produced by Rob Weber of the Bali Spirit Festival - featuring many of Bali`s divine musicians, including recording star Ayu Laksmi and guest artists such as Ganga Giri from Australia.

This documentary film is dedicated to the recognition of the Divine feminine in us all, It explores the concept of living oneness, the union that flows within the elements of life essences…… It is a song and offering in and of itself - in praise of ancient Balinese wisdom; a homage and a visionary celebration of how the 'island of the gods & goddesses', with all its beauty and spiritual power, can move sustainably into the future as..Bali : Life is an Offering.


Bali Life is an Offering

Maui International Film Festival 16 may 2011 Waika Maui Hawaii

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